Top job interview tips

Making a good impression is the key to acing job interviews. It takes more than Googling the company or common interview questions. Candidates must know the company, product, and sector inside out. Most importantly, you must know how to convey exactly how you’re the best fit for the job.

To help you prepare, here’s a list of interview tips that will help you bring your A-game.

1. Research

Spend time learning everything about the company from as many sources as possible. Google, read employee reviews or negative press if any. Make sure you reach out to current or previous employees. They’re the best sources for first-hand information on what it’s really like to work at the company.

In addition, ask the recruiter whether the company follows a specific interview format. Is it a standard Q&A? Brain teasers? Different organizations use different interview formats. So, it’s alright to ask HR ahead of time.

2. Preapre and anticipate interview questions

Even if you’ve given a hundred interviews before, it’s worthwhile to consider what may resonate with interviewers the most. Think about your skills and accomplishments and which ones best align with a particular job. You will find that the examples you share can vary from one interview to the next.

3. Prepare bullet points

When looking up commonly-asked interview questions, jot down bullet points instead of paragraphs. The pointers will come in handy during the interview. You’ll sound confident and not like you’re reading from a script.

4. Practice

It’s always a good idea to practice beforehand. Look in the mirror and answer questions out loud. Doing so helps to understand your body language and voice modulation. Try doing mock interviews with a friend to build confidence and help clarify your thoughts.

Remember that interviewers almost always ask two questions – “Tell me about yourself” and “What’s your biggest weakness?” Have answers ready to the former since it can help you sail through the first part of the interview. Don’t get thrown off by the second question. Think of something true that will not impact the role. For instance, maybe you struggle with delegation or public speaking. Follow up the statement with what you’ve been doing to address the challenge.

Finally, numbers! When describing your accomplishments, include percentages, quotas, or increases in the discussion. Numbers offer more depth and perspective about your achievements.


5. Always ask questions

Many candidates do themselves a disservice by never asking the interviewer questions. Every interview leads up to the part when it’s time for candidates to ask questions. Make sure you have a set of questions ready. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find out more about your role and the company overall. For example, ask about the work culture, the team, or why the position is vacant. You could even ask questions about the team or company goals for the next few years. Thoughtful questions show recruiters that you’ve done your research.

6. Dress appropriately

Keep your look relaxed and contemporary, and stick to the basics for an interview. It helps to know what the company dress code is beforehand. Ask someone who works there or try digging up information on the organisation’s social channels. Either way, you can never go wrong with a well-tailored modern outfit.

Remember that the little things matter. Check shoes, fingernails, or any loose seams and fix them immediately. We think people don’t notice, but they do. Additionally, pamper yourself before an interview to feel good. Get a haircut, facial, or even a new interview outfit – anything that can get you feeling like your best self.

Before the interview, spend time reflecting on your professional journey. You must understand your own story. When you know your journey inside out, it will be easy to explain it with conviction to others.
All the best.