The reward of finding
the right candidate
is enormous,
as is the cost
of getting it wrong

While leadership requirements continuing to evolve, the need for high-performing executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting the top talent requires a precise approach in order to determine executives’ ability to be successful in a role, as well as a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles to be assess if a candidate is fit for the role or not.

Our firm guarantee’s quality and personal care throughout the process to recruit the best candidate for your organization.


With our experience in executive recruitment, no business or candidate is ever the same. As a result of this, we conduct thorough analysis to shape our relationship with each client individually.

To further understand your company, we analyze your business profile, organizational culture and values ​​as well as the candidate’s personal motivations.

Our recruitment process is adaptable to your needs.

While working with us, it is your wishes to choose what level of involvement you wish to have with us. From conducting the whole recruitment process privately, to having our HR consultants examine the polices and develop strategies before you yourself take the rein. We are completely flexible to our clients.


  • Unique profiling and in-depth searches in Harper HR’s database
  • Access to personal networks within top management individuals
  • Mapping of various job specifications and writing eye catching job advertisements
  • Advertising the position within the most relevant platforms in your field
  • Resumes screening and shortlisting candidates
  • Creating interview material, in accordance with the industry.
  • Performing psychometrics for candidates
  • Conducting all level of interviews, from initial contact to closing the contract